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When using high-pressure water mist, the amount of water damage and required water clean-up after a fire will be greatly reduced because high-pressure water spray uses approx. 10% of the amount of water used by traditional sprinklers.


How it works


High-pressure pumps together with fine nozzles atomize the water. The atomization of water generates a massive reaction surface area and therefore results in extremely efficient cooling. Energy is withdrawn from the fire rapidly and effectively. The cooling effect also protects people and property from the effects of radiated heat. By using the droplets’ shielding effect to reduce heat radiation, effective water mist shields can be generated for persons escaping from the fire and rescue teams as well as for components, wall openings, facades, etc.


The rapid vaporization of water droplets withdraws energy from the fire. The water vapor, which has a volume 1640 times greater than liquid water, displaces the oxygen directly at the fire source, thereby creating a suffocation effect similar to an extinguishing gas. This only occurs directly at the fire source, meaning there is no danger to people escaping from the fire due to a lack of oxygen. Traditional water based firefighting systems (e.g. low-pressure water mist systems) use larger droplets, which take considerably longer to vaporize or, in many cases, do not vaporize at all.


Tunnel systems


FOGTEC delivers proven tunnel systems. They have been an active contributor to key research projects such as SOLIT² (Safety of Life in Tunnels). The project is focusing on replacing traditional safety measures in road tunnels with Fixed Fire-Fighting Systems (FFFS), and integration into existing tunneling security systems.

SOLIT² documents increased safety with the use of high-pressure water jet systems in tunnels. The benefits are many:


  • Effective extinguishing

  • Blocks the radiant heat

  • Prevents fire spread

  • Reduction and cooling of toxic fumes for fire class A, B.

  • Effective cooling of the surroundings around the fire location.

  • Reconstruction time is reduced by effective extinguishing and preventing fire spread


Economic gains:


  • Reduced need for ventilation and cladding of tunnel ceiling

  • Lower maintenance costs

  • No need for large tank systems with associated water purification

  • Reduced downtime


Gas extinguisher


Vinje Industri is working closely together with Holta & Håland on the delivery of fire detection and gas shutdown.



FOGTEC water drainage system for construction


Vinje Industri is a proud partner with the German company FOGTEC, which has been dedicated to high-pressure water mist since 1997. Use of high-pressure water mist can be advantageous where  the protection of valued structures is essential. For example, protecting buildings, data centers, cable tunnels, industrial applications, galleries, museums, etc.

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