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Our personnel have extensive experience working on floating and fixed installations. This includes the installation of new equipment and upgrading/maintenance of existing equipment (hydraulic systems). We also have considerable experience working with BOPs and the classification of rigs.


Our personnel also work with land-based industry. We perform the installation and maintenance of equipment such as cranes, winches, conveyors, construction of test towers for offshore equipment and mechanical work at power stations.


Furthermore, with all the experience obtained from working in the Norwegian sector and UK sector, we have branched out internationally.  Countries such as Iran, Angola, Mauritania, Azerbaijan, Canada, Libya, Netherlands, Spain, Singapore, China, Korea, Poland, South Africa, Brazil, USA, Namibia and Nigeria.


Available staff for rent:

  • Project Managers

  • Installation supervisors

  • Engineers

  • Foremen

  • Electricians

  • Hydraulic technicians

  • Mechanics

  • Pipe fitters

  • Steel workers

  • Welders

  • Rope Access technicians (many with the above trades)


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