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Vinje Industri heads a collaboration of companies consisting of GT Automation & Elektroservice and Telemark Technologies. Together, we wish to increase our involvement within the infrastructure field.


GT Automation & Elektroservice is registered with the necessary requirements for the design, execution, and maintenance of electrical work and control systems (SRO - Control, Regulation and Monitoring Systems) that are required by transport and infrastructure projects.

We focus on intelligent and energy-efficient solutions to ensure a forward-looking and high-quality final product. Examples of this are the management of lighting systems, road signs, heating systems, and ventilation systems.


We undertake projects regardless of size and complexity. We are a main contractor, however, we can also be a subcontractor should other companies need our expertise and diversity.


We provide personnel and equipment for the railway sector. We have recently become involved within this field. Using our extensive experience within other industries allows us to be innovative by utilizing the most current ideas and products.

Vinje Industri has designed and manufactured equipment for cold cutting of railways. This approach can reduce the cost of personnel by half as well as giving a competitive edge in the bidding process. No air pollution, no heat, no forest fire!

We also have experience with changing of railway ties, Geo-Tech, operation of various machinery, security services, etc., with reference projects at NRC Rail, Baneservice, Eltel Networks, Jernbaneverket / Banenor, Leif Grimsrud and Visinor.


The collaboration boasts a broad range of experience within:

  • Mechanics, hydraulics and electrical assignments

  • Project management and project execution of assignments of all sizes and complexities

  • On and offshore installations

  • Industrial installations

  • Water and drainage

  • Electrical installations


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