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Rope access is a proven method for achieving safe access to difficult-to-reach and exposed locations.

Why use a Vinje Industri rope access team?



  • Rope access is a much safer form of access compared to traditional methods.

  • Rope access is faster and more efficient.  Fewer personnel are used, for a shorter amount of time, resulting in technicians spending fewer man hours exposed to risk.

  • Vinje Industri is a member of SOFT (Samarbeidsorganet for tilkomstteknikk), the Norwegian trade association for rope access, this allows Vinje Industri to be up to date with the latest industry developments and to meet current legislation.

  • All Vinje rope access technicians undertake regular training and refresher courses, ensuring a high level of competence. Vinje Industri technicians are certified to the SOFT standard NS9600 and some are also certified to IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association).

  • Many Vinje Industri rope access technicians are also qualified tradesmen giving an overall higher level of competence, reducing the number of personnel required for a given task.



  • Rope access is faster than traditional access methods.  It requires less equipment which can be quickly installed and removed, causing less disruption to nearby operations thus minimizing down time.


  • Many of our rope access technicians are also qualified in other mechanical services, so less personnel costs are incurred.



  • Rope access technicians can apply the techniques in a wide variety of environments, from confined spaces to high, exposed structures. Unlike traditional access methods, rope access solutions can be designed to fit various applications quickly and inexpensively.


  • With a broad competence base, Vinje Industri can provide multidisciplinary rope access teams, tailored to meet clients’ needs.


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