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GT Automation and Elektroservice AS


Together with GT Automation and Elektroservice AS, we offer a wide range of electrical and automation services, both offshore and onshore.


  • Automation

  • PLS programming

  • Electrical installation in industrial buildings and homes

  • Design, installation and maintenance of electronic, hydraulic and mechanical installations

Skanits Safeworkzone


SafeWorkZone allows you to work at height and on several levels at the same time. Our installers can quickly and easily mount certified work nets for access and fall protection.

  • Flexible and easy to mount on existing structure

  • Creates secure work zones that enable multi-level work

  • Can be used as a work platform in addition to fall protection

  • Time-saving, safe and efficient

Vinje Industri Miljø AS


Vinje Industri Miljø AS supplies both stationary and mobile treatment plants for cleaning oil and environmental pollutants in construction areas, port facilities, offshore installations etc. The mobile treatment plants are delivered in container modules, and can easily be adapted as needed.




Vinje Industri is a proud partner with the German company FOGTEC, which has been dedicated to high-pressure water mist since 1997. Use of high-pressure water mist can be advantageous where  the protection of valued structures is essential. For example, protecting buildings, data centers, cable tunnels, industrial applications, galleries, museums, etc.

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